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Crawley Post Office Angling Club


Our club was formed in 1987 and has around 34 Anglers. Since that time the club has grown year by year with an ever increasing amount of members. We fish a variety of prime lakes and rivers throughout the south of England.

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Sun 30th June

Denne Farm
RH12 3SJ

Tel: 01306 628 408

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Woodpeckers - Sun 2nd June

14 anglers out for this match on woodpeckers , a bright sunny day forecast with some gusting breeze blowing rafts of pollen and debris around the surface film for some! brecky undertaken at Mc D's, and on to the lake car park for pre match Mating! You know the old song ;if you aint got a partner , grab a wooden chair: so Cheryl and Clive would be led to believe! it was actually a Gaz blunder, it should have read" meet" at car park! Anyhoo kipper grabbed a wooden chair! !. i wont have a bad word said about my mate Keith(porkpieboy).

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