Angler Profiles


G Mitchell

Gary Mitchell

Gary comes across as a quiet and shy fellow when you first meet him,but after a while you find he is a sneaky mischievous GIT.

Robert Fairbrother

Known as the clubs astronaut because he spends most weekends sat on his "Space Station".His mates calls him Darkie.
R Fairbrother
R Hill

Ray Hill

Swaggers when he wins,cackles when he loses.Used to sleep with Colin Temple but in recent years has become less fussy.

Roger Apps

The clubs recruitment officer.Some call him uncle Roger,some call him Sir,but most of us call him a smelly git because he could fart for England.
R Apps
K Longman

Kelly Longman

Our most improved angler 2009 . She likes a cider inside her.

Stu Roddick

Or Reddick as we call him(sorry don't know why).Always scrounging. Has an appetite bigger than his pole.Not a bad angler but can't play squash!
S Roddick
S Clayton

Simon Clayton

He loves fishing, especially at night when he can dream about winning.

Keith Groves

Known affectionately as Kipper.Used to be a model but Airfix sacked him.Used to tie lots of hair –rigs but can't any more.
K Groves
M Willie

Merv Willie

Known as Viagra as he can keep his pole up longer than anyone else no matter what nature throws at him.

Jason Willie

Known as Viagra as he can keep his pole up longer than anyone else no matter what nature throws at him.
J Willie
C Temple

Colin Temple

The clubs founder member.Used to sleep with Ray Hill but never said if he liked it.

Ray Temple

Looks like his brother Colin but pumped up!
R Temple
R Packham

Ron Packham

A big worm man.What this man can't do with a worm isn't worth doing.

Clive Bolter

Has his own fan club.Catches lots of small fish which is why we call him tiddler –Honest!!!
C Bolter
R Powell

John Powell

Known to his friends as Niff Noff.Has little tackle but I'm sure it will grow with experience.

Tony Lavers

Or William Hill as we call him.Will have a wager with anyone who'll take him on at matches.Usually has to go without dinner on Mondays.
A Lavers
D Fielding

Don Fielding

One of uncle Rogers mature students.Has gone from strength to strength.Nearly as good as Roger but can't fart as well.

Debbie Boyce

We all used to be down in the dumps at matches until one Sunday Deb turned up and got her muffins out.Matches have never been the same since.
D Boyce
K McIntyre

Kevin McIntyre

Known to us all as Big Mac.Not because he comes with fries but because hes big and it's his name.

Trevor Burgess

Likes four things.Fishing, beer,war and beer.A big man that occasionally makes a splash on a Sunday morning.Dislikes sloping pegs and Darkies pegging.
T Burgess
M Rann

Martin Rann

The clubs youngest member.A bit lippy and looks like a telly tubby!

Keith Huggins

The clubs pro.Knows his stuff and keen to help others.Hates losing, especially to Simon Clayton.Loves Osprey Lake.
K Huggins
M Bridle

Matt Bridle

Club cook.Does a mean barbecue.In fact come to think of it he does a mean anything that he can set fire to!

Marcos Loureiro

Looks like a terrorist but ain't a bad geyser really considering he's sometimes Spanish.
M Loureiro
G Ingram

Geoff Ingram

This plonker should come with a government health warning.The clubs practicle joker.Never fall asleep when he's around.He used to be a gnome!

Richard Balk

Mr. Unlucky.Does some shocking things but if you want something lost or broken Balky's your man.Get well soon buddy.
R Balk
J Ocaya

Jay Ocaya

Simon Wilson

S Wilson