Pellets and there difficulties

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Re: Pellets and there difficulties

Postby huggyk » Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:25 pm

SeaTea wrote:thanks huggy. and next....... I've just recieved a couple of bags of "Ringers Next generation 6mm expander pellets" and as I'm so keen took a handful and put them in the pump. after two pumps/releases hey presto 75% sunk. took these out into a bait box . re-pumped the remaining 25%: stubbon blighters would not sink, I guess that not every pellet in a bag is a sinker. So to my question... Can I keep the 75% sinkers in the fridge for three days? or do i/can i freeze them?

On a seperate point. if I put jelly crystals in the water pre pumping are the resulting pellets Jelli-Pellets?

I use the same pellets myself and when i pump them they all sink, maybe you are doing too many at once . as
you dont need a lot for a days fishing ,i just pump a handfull for a match and still throw some away at the end.
if you freeze them they will take in air and float again. i also have been experimenting with jelly,and find that for feeder and waggler use they stay on better , i use a gelatine from sainsbury 6 x sachets in a pack, bril!. or use hard pellets banded. also if you want to add a flavour once the jelly mix has cooled a bit before pumping them it takes well / colour too :ugeek: maybe your pump is naff! i tried several before i found the one i use now, bought it on e-bay catering pump , only small but very good. its called vacu-vin. ;)
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