Woodpeckers Match report

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Woodpeckers Match report

Postby Angling Club Admin » Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:09 pm

It was great to here that Ray (the scoop) Hill made it back from Thailand although you wouldn’t recognize him now, ahem!!Anyhow, I diverse. As Ray was unavailable to fish our latest foray I was asked to supply the match report.
There was a good turn out for this match with 21 brave souls attending. It was dry but there was a very cold North Easterly wind blowing straight in the face of the biggest moaner on the lake. (Brrrr).The people with the wind off their shoulder generally fared best as it was quite difficult to hold the pole in the wind. However, all 21 soldiered on regardless.

Winner on the day was Big Mac putting him on the top of the league after having a great start to the season. He weighed in an all Carp bag for 21lb-10oz.He was on the end peg on the windward side of the lake.

Second was Roger (thunderbum) Apps fishing the peg opposite Mac. He had all Carp for 19lb.Although these two pegs are on the end, they were the shallow end and not easy on cold days. Both lads did well.

Third place went to Miss Longstockings wobbletop herself with an amazing mixed bag of Skimmers, Tench and Carp weighing in at 14lb.-13oz.One problem arising from this is that she may have to start looking for a new fella as her current (limp along) one can’t keep pace with her at the moment. Having said that. Nor can anyone else it seems.

Balky disappointed once again with no major mis-haps but he and the mega-moaner on the next peg suffered a set of submerged lily pads. Every time they hooked a Carp it bolted straight for them leaving nothing but trashed rigs in their wake. (Has the league winner from last year lost it)?
There was no pub visit after this match as Key Fuggins (The BIGGEST MOANER ON THE LAKE) was sulking and everyone else wanted to get warm and watch the footy. We must point out Luke Skyrann missed the match because he went to Wembley to watch his team get beat 5-1 by Chelski....Sympathy non available!!!

Match report by Key Fuggins (and a little bit by Gary-could you tell)?
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