Morehouse 27/05/12

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Morehouse 27/05/12

Postby Angling Club Admin » Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:55 pm

Moorhouse Farm for this one. The sun was shining and it was hot! Damn Hot! Moorhouse is coming on leaps and bounds. Unfortunately we were double booked on Sidewinders,Gary spent the week trying to sort out a match without enough pegs going (surely it can only get better). In the end we had to fish two separate matches,one on Sidewinders and one on the unknown Canal Lake(surely it only get better!). Anyway we sent Messrs Huggins and Fairbrother to peg both venues while the draw was done. Vans and cars went about their way to the various venues,unfortunately Messrs Huggins and Fairbrother pegged the lakes different to the draw!! (No it can’t get any better!). Gary's hair was turning greyer by the minute! After sorting out who was where we settled down to fish half an hour later than planned.

Results of the Matches


1st Keith Huggins with a mixed bag for 96lb on the pole in the middle and down the side using various baits.
2nd Rob Fairbrother with a mixed bag for 54lb using top 2 and 3 feeding pellets with meat on a hook.

Canal Lake

1st was yours Truly with 39lb 15oz using pole down the middle with meat on the hook.
2nd Big Mac with 35lb 9oz using the method to the far bank and pole inside using pellet and paste.

Hi-lights of the Match

It was a calamity form start to finish for this match. Kipper rang Gary to let him know he was running late and not to leave the meeting point as he didn’t know the way, this resulted in everybody being stuck at Pease Pottage because of the car booting! Niff Noff wasn’t sure how to keep his casters cool overnight so he put them in his washing basket with his dirty socks!! You never know cheesy casters might be the next ‘in’ bait! On the Canal Lake we were entertained by the farmer assisting his stallion to mount a mare he is available for a small fee to help couples with mounting problems! Colin Temple turned up on crutches and would have fished better if he used his crutch instead of a pole,still an easy pound! As Mr Balk didn’t turn up Gary kept up the normal P.O standards by breaking his landing net pole in two. Mr Huggins was back to his normal winning/losing ways,swearing like a trooper,cos he broke his rig with 1/2 hour to go! Lesson to learn from an old has been always have a spare rig up your sleeve,you might have done the ton! But the best bit was Ray Temple we could see him catching skimmers one a chuck,unfortunately he never checked his keep net at the start,at the end when he pulled his ‘winning’ net out a large tail of a carp was sticking out of a large hole in his net and he only had one skimmer in his net! He had spent the best part of 6 hours catching the same skimmer!!

Mitchell Cup Results

Rob Fairbrother had a walk over against JJ. Clive Bolter had a walk over against Martin Rann and the Mighty Mitch crashed
out against Doug Botting losing 35lb 4oz to 29lb 4oz(will he re emerge at a later stage,you and me are available for walk overs!).

All in all well done to Gary for all the headaches for this match.

Yours Truly The Scoop

PS What are bouncy scales??
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