Henfold Match Report

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Henfold Match Report

Postby Angling Club Admin » Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:16 pm

Henfold This Time - Lovely sunny day with a full English start – well almost a full English – no mushrooms!

A few problems with the pegging due to other anglers fishing on the lake – so we had a delayed start. (It seems we are destined this year to have pre-match problems)

Honours For The Day-

1st was Kelly Long johns with an impressive 53lb 11oz of mainly silvers caught on the top 2 using pellet. 
2nd was Kezza Mockridge with using the method just off the island with meat.
Chump of the month was Dan Keegan with 11b 11oz of mainly little fish!
Highlights Of The Match-

This was like a Mr Men advert.

1st was Mr Clumsy aka Keith Groves who managed to trip over his own feet on his way to his peg and landed flat on his face.
Next was Mr Piles aka J.J who couldn’t sit still and spent most of the time wandering the banks.
Mr Sensible aka Richard Balk – not a broken bit of tackle all day – then again he only brings what’s left from his years of breakages and it all fits in his sandwich box!
Then there was Mr Pukey aka Stu Roddick, his girlfriend wanted him home early, so fed him raw chicken the night before – so Stu was home early – with vomiting and the trots!
Mr Angry aka Kevin McIntyre, I thought he was going to explode at the start of the match – talk about what could go wrong, did go wrong! Then there was Mr Nice aka Keith Huggins, not a murmur all day.
Mr Broke aka Martin Rann, he lost so much money inside bets that he had to go home early from the pub as he RAN out of money.
On the pub subject, Mr Huggins didn’t even turn up for a beer, we found out later that he relies on coming 1st or 2nd so that he wins enough to buy a few pints! Have a word with your missus, she might give you some more pocket money!
Rather than a Mr there was a Miss, Miss Lewinski aka Kelly Longman, she had more slime down the front of her than Monica!

And what’s going on with you blokes that let your other halves come fishing!
Kelly thrashed Rob
Deb thrashed Colin
Emma thrashed Dan
Here’s a Tip!
Have a word with the girls and see if they will share your bed with your maggots the night before, it’s all about getting your maggots covered in pheromones! (It works for my lug worm when I go sea fishing)
Finally Huggins and Mac finished their Mitchell cup qualifier, Mr Huggins being the hungrier, ate big Mac for breakfast beating him 33lb 8oz to 16lb 9oz, can this be Keith’s year to win the Mitchell Cup?

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