Mr & Mrs Match Report

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Mr & Mrs Match Report

Postby Angling Club Admin » Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:49 pm

There was a romantic feeling in the air as our couples all arrived at Henfold fisheries for our annual Mr and Mrs match.The talk was all about beating Mr and Mrs Mitchell as they had won it for the two previous years. Up yours they said as they made there way to the lakeside cafe to munch their way through their pre-ordered full English. Guess what??They hadn’t cooked them once again so we all waited patiently whilst they did. In the meantime arrived the funniest sight in the clubs history (barring Geoffs arse).Mr and Mrs Temple-Boyce dressed head to toe in union jack. Brilliant!!!Waiting for breakfast didn’t seem so bad after that.
Breakfast munched and the draw done we set about catching a few fish. Mr Huggins got greedy and brought along his best two wives from his harem. The sun shone and love was all around us as either Mr or Mrs Fairbrother-Longman did the first of several loud and very smelly farts in order to put the other couples off. Mr and Mrs Reddick-Smoker tried to bring a bit of class to the procedings by having a herbal tea party in their peg. Mr and Mrs Bolter-Van Driver then had an argument about who had the smallest tiddler. Mr. Bolter won apparently and Mr Camps had decided to take the match seriously so he fed Miss Camps before the match. A ploy that seemed to work as she was catching more than him.
At the half way point Mr and Mrs Temple-Boyce were flaging and Mr and Mrs Mitchell were giving the Huggins-Brookers a masterclass in how not to catch a skimmer. Mr Mitchells mojo seemed to have returned after a long absence which was brought on by mainly fear. Mrs Mitchell can be very scarey at times. Mr Reddick-Smoker decided to risk his life by losing Mrs Reddick Smokers biggest fish of the day. Thank God for that calming tea!!
Eventually after six hours it was all over.The Fairbrother-Longlegs did their last fart and whistle was blown.We hurriedly packed away and whispered sweet nothings to our partners. Except Mr. Fuggins who couldn’t choose which one. The weigh-in commenced and unbelievably The Mitchells had done it again. Mrs Mitchell looked into her husbands eyes and said ”thanks Tosspot”. Mr Mitchell smiled and said those immortal words.”That’s all right skimmer face”. The rest of the field were distraught. The Temple-Boyces went to half mast and everybody else went to the bar where we talked about Mr Whippy in the woods and played with a parrot.
Thanks to everyone that turned up for making it a great day and well done to Colin and Deb for those outfits. If anyone can top that I’ll be impressed.
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