Ribbon Match report

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Ribbon Match report

Postby Angling Club Admin » Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:16 pm

Sumners for this one,on Ribbon Lake,which is a silver fish lake. The day started well with a full English in the cafe,but it went down hill from then. Constant drizzle during the match and the going was hard from the start,ending with a downpour at the weigh in!!


1st was Mr Huggins with 23lb 9oz fishing pole to the far bank and the inside using maggot,caster,and pellet.

2nd was Big Mac with 17lb 3oz fishing pole and feeder to the far bank using worm and maggot.

3rd was ‘The Mitch’ with 15lb 10oz fishing with his new found mojo!!

Chump of the month was newcomer Kate Newton with 13oz but like the rest of the ladies in the club
is willing to learn and i bet that it won’t be long before she starts beating the blokes!!

The final of the Mitchell cup was also fished between Mr Huggins and Darkie,as you can see Mr Huggins
won,but ‘The Mitch’ is still trying to wrangle it so he can get the trophy!! Darkie was pegged in the ‘barbel swim’ next to the bridge,no barbel there at all! Tell me about it I’ve been pegged in that one before!!

Hi lights of the Match

Towards the end of the breakfast in the cafe,there was a power cut for a full minute in which time Mr Huggins managed to cook up and serve himself another three breakfasts in the dark without anyone seeing a thing! Kipper turned up limping with policeman's heel, firemans knee,landlords elbow,and a pain in the neck,and when it started raining produced a wrap around umbrella that clung to him for the entire match,new brolly needed Kipper!! I also saw Niff Noff throwing a tantrum ,hurling his landing net into the distance after loosing a gudgeon! And what's with all the talking to yourself during the match? Must be a northern thing! And then there was the top two doing a lap of the lake ,who did it belong to? Kipper managed to fish it out,and release a nice barbel,then a meek voice was asking ‘anyone seen a top two’. It belonged to Colin ‘the Perchman ‘ Temple,whose day went from bad to worse loosing another pound
to yours truly! Big Mac was a sight to see with his striking left leg,literally,every time he struck at a bite his left leg would shoot out
in front of him,strange fellow!! Finally what would a report be without mentioning that all round good egg Richard Balk! Fished like a pro all day, no breakages, no losses of tackle, he was well chuffed with himself,until his wife rang him to say that she was down at the caravan to finish closing it down for the winter. She opened the door and was washed away down the field by a tidal wave that came out of the van, all because Richard had left the fan light window open to all the elements the week before oops!!

Other than that another normal fishing match....

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