Sidewinder Match Report

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Sidewinder Match Report

Postby Angling Club Admin » Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:18 pm

Sixteen anglers turned out for the final match of the 2012 season. All was to play for in many ways. The actual league title may have been out of the reach of most but still there were the honours of the day. The Apprentice Cup winners would be decided as well as a lot of jockeying for final league positions. Darkie shone through with a late run of fish in the last hour to take 2nd place with 29lb-14 oz which pushed poor old Mac back into 3rd place with 29lb-8 oz. Club Pro/coach obi one Huggy (me) took the honours once again with a jammy 54lb- 11 oz. which meant that I had won the league. Yippee!!! The second spot went to Mac and a very relieved Darkie (who had suffered a bad run at the drawbag this season) managed third. I say relieved because in forth spot was Kelly pellet pumping Longlegs herself. She’s had a brilliant season and who would bet against her beating her worst half next year. It has to be said that it was Darkies day as C T, his apprentice managed to score enough points for them to win the Apprentice Cup. As for the match itself,it was a very patchy affair as the venue had suffered heavy rain and a drop in temperature up to this Sunday. The open the previous day had been won with a low thirty pound weight,which is very low for such a well stocked venue. However,Carp being Carp,they had started shoaling up in their winter pockets meaning they were very sparse in some areas. See the full match results to see how this panned out for some. But Hey Ho as they say that’s match fishing for ya. Weights from fifty pounds through thirty pounds plummeting to ounces summed up the match.
Some points of interest during the match were as always our old mate Balkie can’t go unmentioned as he managed to hook and lose four good fish in the early part of the match from one of the hardest areas!!Then his last remaining and most reliable unbroken piece of tackle,his seatbox, collapsed. hmmmmm. New one required please Mr. Scoop. We know you’ve got one hidden in your loft.
Miss Wobbletop will need to have been a very good girl this year as she’s going to need Santa to deliver coz Darkies decided it was too close for comfort and has decided it’s no fun being beaten with your own tackle so he’s reclaiming it all. Miss Wobbletop said she didn't’ care as she could beat him with a stick and a hook. We must also mention that Robert,the fishery owner,decided to commemorate remembrance day with a couple of twelve bore salvos. This left most of us needing a change of undies and several rats having a very bad day!! Strange thing was he didn't’ seem to realise that you’re supposed to do it at eleven o’clock. Did anyone see the string of rats hanging in the barn afterwards. Hands up. Who thought their bacon roll tasted funny before the match?As always the post match beer in the pub was great.

Match report by Key Fuggins and and a bit by the Mitchell Cup champ Gary.
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