Woodpeckers Match Report

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Woodpeckers Match Report

Postby Angling Club Admin » Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:21 pm

Well the scribe duties are down to me as Ray is off on yet another sabbatical!. Shame really cos the report revolves around slagging myself off, and yet i know Mr. Hill would rather be writing about that than i would, hey ho anyhoo; Woodpeckers lake this time and we will skip the long walk weather report etc etc and cut to the chase; i was drawn with the noted waggler skimmer angler i.e. kipper A K A copperfoot/ limp along, many other aliases especially this day as he battered me off the next peg!!!!!. Right that out of the way on with the real story; Big Mac on arrival at his peg found a discarded pole rig on the floor of his platform look at this Huggy what are these floats used for ?, running water holding back in a strong wind , that type off thing, emm, yes you guessed it before i could gesture yet another victory sign across the lake to my friend plodfoot, he had it secured to the end of his pole!. After he had secured his win using said rig he had the nerve to wind it up an secure it in his box as a trophy to his skill / and all power to him , its just a shame i witnessed all before the match. talking of which i also witnessed a certain individual , who shall remain anonymous, still fishing minutes after the final whistle, no sour grapes or anything , but it was kipper. Right on with the report i thrashed darky by an ounce not bad since his peg was a flier ( he might challenge that) , the full results are in the league table, as a week or two has passed since the match now i cant really remember much more albeit the beer after was most welcome , and well done kipper
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