Sidewinder Match Report

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Sidewinder Match Report

Postby Angling Club Admin » Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:18 pm

We where promised a dry day here in wivelsfield! more of that later. a nice greasy brecky at the van set some brave souls up for the day, others less brave settled for a bacon butty, miss longbottom opted to just watch this carnivorous activity albeit whilst dribbling at a rate to challenge Robert the bailiff's great Dane. these healthy people, tut no big weight for her i suggested! still , more on that later Ahem. Draw under way whilst yours truly was pegging out , only twelve out this time and very generous pegging meant no cramming with all getting a choice peg. whoever dragged my peg out of the bag , i wish them a strange kind of happiness (death actually), just wish in hindsight I'd fished it differently, hindsight what a glorious thing. having drawn the end peg Kelly longbottom led the field with a worthy 89 lb 12oz. fortunately she opted not to fish her Mitchell cup round (snigger grin gafore) so she still has that semi against yours truly to hurdle, rumors suggest osprey is destined for that match!!!!!!!. dark one must have known something as he stayed home to watch footy instead. Skipping through runner up spot (nobody remembers a bridesmaid) we get the return of mojo man in third spot with 54lb 2oz could this be the second coming ? we will see. JJ may have won this match, if a; he turned up on time, b; if he hadn't gone for a canoe trip around the lake advertising safari tkts for his forthcoming foray up the um popo!. I bought a tkt!. CTEA may have caught more had he not hooked under his platform whilst plumbing up ..Oh bye the way it rained (precipitated) actually, mainly on me, my shirt became see through much to miss boyce ,s delight. did you know she only wears socks to bed? that's what i mean . well quite a few absentee's this year means the league title is getting quite close who will sprint for the home straight ? hope its not in canoe, s cos i know where the smart money will go! full weight s as usual in the result page, ttfn stand in for the scoop away on decorating duties.
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