Sidewinder 09/03/2014

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Sidewinder 09/03/2014

Postby Angling Club Admin » Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:16 pm

The start of another season and Moorhouse is the starting venue. A lovely spring morning, plenty of sunshine, no clouds and a good old fried breakfast to start and that's about as good as it gets! The fishing was grim, the water was freezing and well clouded up! What is it about the P.O fishing club, it’s a water filled with fish, and you would not believe the amount of blanks!! It was good to see some old faces turn up and nice to see some new faces too.


1st was Darkie with 23lb 9oz caught mainly on the pole.
2nd was F1 (Martin Rann) with 11lb 12oz
3rd was Pecker with 9lb 11oz.

Chump of the Month

7 of us blanked!

Extra Bits!

Thanks to Pecker for picking up Kate as Kipper wasn’t sure if he had enough room in his jag for 2!! How lucky is Old Moaner as he didn’t dome in the money he was heading home (Lisa won’t allow him spending money) but he picks up enough beer money from a lucky peg draw-lucky git! I see he’s put a bit of weight back on that lycra is real clingy, looks a bit like a bloke from Melksham! (In joke). Cheryl reckons she had a bob on her float, probably more like a Robert! Nice to see Darkies got his mojo back, he was chuffed to bits at beating Kelly for the first time in ages!! Don’t forget to bring your ‘sporks’ next time we are here, bit short on cutlery, a spoons alright for your beans, but cutting your bacon with one is a bit of a pain!!

Thanks all for this one,

Tight Lines,

The Scoop

PS I’m 2 quid down, bugger F1 and Perchman!
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