Milton Lake 06/04/14

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Milton Lake 06/04/14

Postby Angling Club Admin » Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:34 pm

Second round of the league and a new venue used for the first time, Old Bury Hill (Milton lake). Very nice to go to a venue that is so well organized and very professional . We even had the owner helping at breakfast , and very nice it was too 18 full English, lovely start to what was looking to be a wet day. As it panned out though it rained at the start, but was dry for most of the match. However there was a lot of cloud and blustery wind giving those face on quite a rosy cheek look, especially mojo man ,looked like he'd been under the tanning lamp! Our latest lady Kate sporting her new state of the art seat box looked quite professional, oh no not another one mmm. Perch man aka CTea,also sporting a new box and pole, that didn't help him as Kate saw him off at the next peg. Nothing new there then. He’s quite accustomed to Miss Boyce bashing him up. She catches more fish too. Whilst on the topic of he- she domination Darkie our current league leader, was beaten on the next peg again, this time by Miss Long Stockings, must be a pheromone thing . So to the match, we had the draw at brekkie, then took the walk down to the lake getting wet on route. Those electing to fish the feeder did well, as the wind made presentation very difficult. Newcomer Gary (son of don) came out on top with an all method fished 25lb + including a 3+ lb mirror carp, oh bye the way its a no carp venue, strange how odd ones get in! Must annoy the owners no end. A good performance and one of many I predict since he will be getting good advice from the ole man. This lake can produce massive weights but as usual the early matches suffer the changeable weather at this time of year. Anyhow as usual full results on the league results page, also the casualties of the Mitchell cup , will be apparent now after two rounds the top 16 weights go through to the knock out stage. Poor old Hill, gets a call to advise on the whereabouts of the Malaysian missing aircraft , and while away on secret duty ,missed out on qualifying, tut, tut. Hey Ho faeceze, feeseeze, faeces. Oh shit happens ! .I nearly forgot Mr. H drew a parrot cage peg and lost some fish as a result, he swore he did!!!!. just a bit..................... Miss Boyce told him off she did..............A final note must mention kipper, there done. Oh and Brokeback ranne 's league champion challenge fizzled out like a damp squid ( two squid actually) . p.s parrot cage = overhead tree grrrrrr.
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