Sumners Match Lake 27/04/2014

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Sumners Match Lake 27/04/2014

Postby Angling Club Admin » Sun May 11, 2014 8:04 pm

Sumners Match Lake, for this one-Rogers Memorial, Farty Pants Memorial or even Uncle Rogers Memorial, it’s all about how you remember Roger, probably there, and some more! Started off with a slow all English breakfast, lots of spoons with numbers on!! So a late start, which should have been in our favour, unfortunately we are the Post Office Fishing Club, so weights weren’t great!


1st Mark Walters with 113lb 1oz mainly carp using pellet up in the water.
2nd was Mitch with 79lb mainly carp ,mostly caught on the method to the island.
3rd was F1 with 56lb 11oz.
Chump of the month was Niff Noff DWI!

Hi Lights

It chucked it down on and off all day! Kipper ( or Keith as Roger would say), tried to wreck the kitchen as soon as he arrived! Perchman picks the best peg on the lake and turns up with 1/2 pint of maggot, a small tin of sweetcorn, and a tin of luncheon meat, he run out of bait with 4 hours to go, but still manages his PB carp of 15lb 4oz ,should have creamed the match! Cheryl had a ‘bob’ last match, this time a whizz, bang, gone, must be a South African saying , but it still snapped her up! Kate done well, new pole, new PB 9LB 3oz carp, well done. I was talking to old Moaner before the match, he’s on a health and mental binge, no swearing and off the drink, you should have heard him in the pub afterwards when he didn’t frame, what next, turning to Buddha! Niff Noff had a bad day, not only did Liverpool loose to Chelsea, but he let his only fish of the day tail walk from the weigh in net back into the lake before it was weighed in!! Hence his DWI!!

Mitchell Cup Results

Mitch beat Don
Kezza beat Pecker
Perchman beat Gary, son of Don
F1 beat Niff Noff
Deb beat Ray, brother of Perchman

It was lovely to see Jane and Rachel turn up, despite the weather.

Same old story yesterday big weights, Post Office no weights, why????

Tight Lines
The Scoop

P.S Bugger I’m another 2 quid down to Perchman and F1!

P.P.S You think you got away with it Mitch, unlucky! How low can you stoop to win a trophy? Mark dicked you, but as he’s not a regular he was only allowed to win the money, who comes second.....Have you no shame!!
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