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It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you all that Clive Bolter sadly passed away yesterday.
Thoughts and prayers are with Cheryl and their family.



Coaching Angling Methods 2017 Season

As you are/are not aware, angling methods change with the seasons, and each year we gain experience that goes into our personal memory banks, whereby we extract information on a given situation and apply said detail to achieve our angling goals. Hence with each passing year we gain experience that is invaluable in terms of angling skills. Therefore it must go hand in glove that we learn explicit methods baits dependant on the seasonal time of year as well as the detailed disciplines involved?? . clear so far?...... Hopefully. Example; we would not attempt to catch on heavy lines, large hooks, huge baits, on a clear venue , mid winter gin clear water, low temperature, and the fish in energy save mode with low food intake accordingly. However we would employ all the above in mid summer when the fish are competing heavily and in top strength/condition, accordingly as i have always coached angling skills together with seasonal variations, and for younger anglers incorporating environmental / fish welfare issues including wildlife countryside codes that also go very intertwined as all experienced anglers will have learnt already. So where is this taking us? many of our members have asked for coaching at various times on various methods which is quite impossible during our limited time during the five hour match time, so i have put together a time scale with optional dates at three seasons of the year ;spring, summer, autumn, you will note that winter , unless its winter methods you are interested in learning has been left out. it is worth saying that winter fishing is hard but accordingly anything learned in these sessions is invaluable for your personal experience , to call upon at any other season, when things are hard, its just hard going for learning!......

SPRING DATES (all Sundays)

Feb 26, Mar 12, 26, Apr 2, 23, May 7, 14

SUMMER DATES(all Sundays)

June 4,18,25, July 9,16,30. Aug 6,20,27.

AUTUMN DATES(all Sundays)

Sept 10, 24. Oct 1, 15, 22. Nov 5,12,26.

All the above dates are in between post office league days so don't clash,

Anybody requiring individual coaching can be arranged individually, but for obvious reasons(cheaper , share learning) group lessons can be arranged on any of the above dates. anyone interested would need to contact either Gary/Keith , with your preferred dates and also your preferred methods / skills required for teaching, i.e Pole, Feeder, running line(float skills,). Obviously all bait / ground bait skills/prep would be incorporated with appropriate skill sets............Finance details and availability would vary accordingly, depending on numbers /venues chosen to attend. we have in mind Passies fishery for coaching lessons and the owner has agreed to allow us to book dates for this purpose as and when available........obviously the more notice we can get in ahead the more dates would be available......

However individuals wanting specific coaching on any venue at any date/time could contact Gary/Keith and arrange specifics.........


Season 2017

Well here we are again. Its the time of year where hopefully the weather starts to improve and Spring slowly arrives and gets us all gagging to get outside fishing again. I know i am.

Unbelievably, in July this year it will be 20 years since i took over the running of the club. Along the way, I've got to know some great people, won the SEPORA team event and i even managed to win the SEPORA individual trophy myself. Last year, to top the lot, we had our first club wedding. I can honestly say though that in those 20 years I've never seen one proper argument between two anglers. Its always been about fun day out for me and long may that continue. I hope you’ll agree its turned into a great friendly club so thank you all for that.

I hope you all enjoyed the Trophy Presentation Night at the Goffs Park Hotel and well done to the winners. Keith tricked us all by saying he didn’t stand a chance in the league this year as he was having a major operation to fix his "pump" and would have to miss the second half of the season. He duly had his "pump" fixed and then missed a match. The next match he turned up with a biscuit tin full of tackle, which he got everyone to carry to the bank for him and then emptied the lakes. Yes the sod still won the league. He also won the Jeff Lincoln Memorial and the Roger Apps Memorial. Nice to see him recovering well and in good spirits though. Its a good job we have nurse Cheryl on hand to keep an eye on him!!!

We must give a special mention to the clubs hero. Super Gary Fielding. The only man in the club to nick a trophy from Keith. He won the Mitchell Cup. Great effort mate and a massive well done from us all. Having said that we must also congratulate Darkie and Kelly, who nicked the only pairs trophy after Kelly put a brilliant performance to beat Keith and Caz by an ounce in the Mr and Mrs match.

Once again i would like to thank Alan Poynton for all his hard work behind the scenes running our website. If you’re not sure its I don’t know about you but i think he does a great job with it and it can be really useful at times. I would also like to thank Keith and everyone else that’s helped me out this year.

This year saw the start of our new league system. Some people seemed to struggle to get to grips with how it works at the start but i think everyone understands it now. If you don’t let me know and i'll explain it. Judging by the feedback it seemed to go down well so well done Keith for coming up with it.

We have some great venues for this season and can't wait to get started. Our first match of the season is on Monks Lake number3 which has a good head of Carp. I will be in touch with the details about where to meet etc. Lets make this the season that Fuggins wins nothing (in the nicest possible way of course).

Those of you that don’t know, our old mate Mr Calamity Balk was taken very ill recently. He has since had a pacemaker fitted and is recovering well so from all of us get well soon mate and no were not carrying your gear. We’ve already fallen for that one.

I look forward to seeing you all on the bank soon.




Latest News 2015

River Thames

Keith has been ringing round his "contacts" regarding fishing the Thames.The word is that it is fishing terrible at the moment as the fish are shoaled up in certain places.Boatyards,feeder rivers etc etc.It would be a long drive to sit and struggle for a bite all day. I hope you don't mind but we have therefore decided to postpone the Thames match until the summer when it will fish much better and have booked Henfold instead. I realise some of you love it there and some of you don't but being short notice we had very little option.Sorry to disappoint anyone who was looking forward to the river. Could you please let me know if you are coming and also whether you would like a breakfast. Many Thanks.

News 2014

Roger Apps

Sadly Roger Apps lost his fight for life yesterday (07/01/14). He will always be missed by work, and fishing colleagues, but never forgotten.

Roger Apps

R.I.P Roger