Match Reports

Match Reports 2019

Sumners Match Lake - Sun 21st July

14 out fishing today plus two just out of the match length ,which helps with the finances as the whole lake has to be paid for.


Probably room for a further six or so but with 14 pegs to find , plenty of space for all. Brecky at tiffanies followed by a convoy around the constant road works in that area,and a draw carried out with the random draw method at the lake. A couple were catered for by having short walk draws (infermed/just to old), Enough about Kipper (pie boy) !. And our northern raider announced (threatened) his Niff card. Dah,Dah , D aah. All we now ask is dont give him a peg off the island point were all the big boys live. Alas he drew smack on the hot spot ! Doh !. 85 lb odd was all he could muster, many more made there escape ! one snapping 12lb line in the process! , a suggestion to go for a rod that bends a little, went unnoticed, or just ignored , but realy kezza should stop lending that spare rod, say all of us .!...Meanwhile on the other side of the lake big Paul was putting together a serious weight on the pellet wagg to amass 185lb and take the honours for the day, well done big boy, keeping Gary fit with the weighing in, also wet and smelly, because the tons kept on coming , all very close with one fish separating the also rans, mostly due to the recently added smaller samples, around the pound mark, but will grow on showing great promise for the water in days to come. However with the big boys still in attendance there is a mis-match in target fish, still making for an interesting match none the less.Points of interest in the match Mojo man finally broke his jinx and hit the magic ton with a fine 118 lb, also close by kezza had a fine runner up weight 136lb . and some close call scalps fell in the Mitch cup. all details weights on this site. end peg Darky the fib. put his 70lb estimate on the scales to record 100 plus, difficult it is though to try and estimate your net division and keep track of net limits, with so many mixed size fish being caught. not a bad thing but juggling many balls whilst rubbing your head comes to mind. In between all this mayhem there are some brilliant roach and skimmers being ignored as nuisance fish on the day, such a shame as there are some brilliant samples growing on, mainly winter quarry, along with the chub tench and barbel now not getting a look in. So all in all, a popular match and considering there were matches on the two days prior to our visit, they were still hungry !............ All change in the leader board, again but looking like a very close contest this season....Tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie Woof.....................................................

Henfold-Lake 1 - Sun 7th July

Only five couples out for this annual match , also a switch of venue found us back at Henfold lakes complex. after a few seasons absence whilst the venue had a make over of new clubhouse, due to the fire in the old premises. So what of the venue; most impressions seem to be the lakes in general are in need of a bit of maintenance, loads of holiday makers in attendance including children running around playing footy in the fishing areas? thats down to the parents as they have loads of grassed areas for that here! trees needed trimming but most obvious was the fish stocks seem to be more carp orientated now, However there is still plenty of silvers and loads were caught on the day. there are no winners or losers on this match, certainly no chump for the day as it always is a fun day out, however the results will show that pairs Huggins/Brooker came out just a nose in front of the Temple twins.............full results on the site will show a very close match indeed. back to the Local pub for match DE-briefing rather than the new clubhouse as it had more atmosphere , Me thinks a new venue may be on the cards for this event in the future. Well done to all competing looking forward to the pro am where we will be competing on Denne farm ! Carp time..........................tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie Woof.

Denne Farm - Sun 30th June

15 out for this high summer match plus a couple of guests 17 in total, and a very warm breezy day in store. brecky at tiffanies followed by convoy down to the lake due to going through access barrier, 17 pegs is a good number for this lake but always a decision as to what pegs to use, as it is not permanently pegged, therefore form for a particular peg is hard to gauge? still between myself and darky(the form horse on this venue of late), managed to put our best effort forward albeit you never know how each area will respond. and as the lake is almost split by a central spit of land to an island , it very much depends where the fish are residing at the start. So we had to leave the central island pegs out despite our best efforts to peg there we were chased off by a pair of nesting terns sitting on eggs! and defending there territory, we decided to withdraw and leave them in peace, especially as there dive bombing meant they had squatters rights! !.......................So what of the match? well our northern raider still on a good run of form even though struck down with heatstroke, managed six sturgeon for a weight of 30lb, thats 5 lb a piece as they have to be returned straight away , if there weight would have counted proper he may have framed in the final results, so alas no cigar ,poor ol Niff.....talking of which ; a few takers played there niff card today but only deb with a good weight and third overall, did any damage scoring 8 points ,well done Mrs tent-pole.


Gary drew an iffy peg as did Cheryl However Gary's fate was compounded by Mr tent-pole standing on one of his pole sections making it a two piece! !. However it is repairable so no probs. Despite Cheryl hanging on dearly to a rogue carp towards the end of the match! it smashed her, leaving our chumpess for the day down but not out, as usual she bounces back, usually in the pub after. meanwhile, a very close set of weights recorded the eventual top weight came down to Darky, although Tony, guesting on the day had top weight his efforts are not included for the league. All change around as usual on the leader board and a couple more heads rolled in the Mitchell cup, Mr Mojo himself a victim of the hatchet from his poor draw. Some praise must go to Don who fished a very tidy match. and if not for a bit of sloppy fish from landing net to keep-net drill would have secured his section on the day. each mistake makes us stronger! i dont think he will do that again ! !.........Kipper had a rather bad day hardly registering on the scales ? but had to rush off after the match as he is practicing for the next round of mastermind ,specialist subject the life and times of the pork pie............So in summary, A very interesting match; for most it started off very slowly with hardly any carp showing for the first two hours, longer for some, followed by intermittent sturgeon and large individual carp, but not massive weights as expected, maybe the hot weather and aftermath of spawning had some part to play, all in all still a favorite venue for many , with loads of options/methods to confuse you if you let it. we are back on there this season so time will tell if any lessons have been learnt. i'm sure they have.........Looking forward to the Mr and Mrs match on henfold coming up , the new club there is finally open so we can at least get a cold one after that match. see you then tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie Woof.................................

Woodpeckers - Sun 2nd June

14 anglers out for this match on woodpeckers , a bright sunny day forecast with some gusting breeze blowing rafts of pollen and debris around the surface film for some! brecky undertaken at Mc D's, and on to the lake car park for pre match Mating! You know the old song ;if you aint got a partner , grab a wooden chair: so Cheryl and Clive would be led to believe! it was actually a Gaz blunder, it should have read" meet" at car park! Anyhoo kipper grabbed a wooden chair! !. i wont have a bad word said about my mate Keith(porkpieboy).Mate on !........ So Cheryl and Clive what did you miss : well 1st ; no mating, 2nd Gaz(mojoman) played his Niff-card.and it very nearly paid off , with 28lb of skimmers and a couple of carp at ten mtrs on cubes of meat, plus coming third on the day, but dropping a section point totaling five points doubling to ten on the day. The winner however with an all carp on method weight of 70 odd pounds, mixed sizes of carp, a very good weight for the venue. went to Kezza, and his daughter Amber pegged next door managed an impressive couple of carp to finish just out of the frame in fourth place, so well done too. various catches around the lake included Perch man snaring several specimen size Perch, our northern raider crashing back to earth after his ton at Sumner's, from a good (carp peg) with a lowly 2 lb Booo ! ....and yours truly having to fish for carp down in the shallows with not many skimmers about, snaring a few good samples late on. After the match at the pub; the draw was made for the Mitchell cup/cock up cup; all details of the draw on this site. As mentioned several were away on holidays or various reasons, however plenty of spaces always helps on this lake , and overall it has fished quite well, albeit like most venue's Peggy at best ! all change around the top of the leader board yet again, and a suggestion has been nominated that the eventual league champ cannot play a niff card the following season ? with the intention of handicapping , and possible opening up chances for all even more each season ? Answers on a postcard........... looking forward to our next Foray ; Dennes farm, tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie WOOF.............................

Sumners Match Lake - Sun 19th May

19 out fishing the match lake for this one , quite a popular lake and even space to peg almost every other peg .Various detours however around the roads leading to the meeting brecky van and then on to the fishery, led to one of our visiting guests of late. as he travelled around parts of Sussex almost Brighton . and after missing out on brecky eventually arrived at the lake just in time for the draw! ! .Anyhoo, enough about Kipper and on with the report ; The weather was set fair and Kezza took the plunge playing his Niff card, Niff himself Bottled out even though the system for him was designed for this fishery ! ! it was a wise decision for Kezza scoring 5 points doubling up on the day to 10, also going through on the day to the next round Mitchell cup, Not such a good idea for the Niff however, winning the match with a ton plus of munter carp , scoring a flat 8 points ! ! . Congrats anyway a brilliant performance again on this venue, he is giving lessons if anyone interested. Talking of tons one of our guests Mark also recorded a double ton weight but only guesting , not to count in the league proper. So what of the match ; A very confusing match for most with almost all species feeding now after warming a little , making it difficult to avoid the ravaging hoards of hungry roach right through the water ,both up/down in the water column. not so for our scouse invader using a borrowed rod from the charity shop (all his good stuff) is back in Liverpool, AHEM sounds like sour grapes eh? No just truth................. Plenty of weights then followed in the 50/60 lb . and quite a while weighing in undertaken by our leader on the day Ben, standing in for Gary away on a Gypsy hedgehog roasting course. So what of the leader board who is on top? when Gary sorts out the details we will all be checking the board for the answers, Meanwhile well done to Ben organizing the match. Many people have been asking me why the Niff sounds very orgasmic whilst landing large carp ? Apparently his landing net is too heavy before the fish is actually in it. again blame the charity shop from where it originated........... Next round match scheduled for Woodpeckers lake, Who will brave the Niff card for this one? until then tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie.... WOOF..................

Weirwood Reservoir - Sun 28th April

Sunday 28th of April finally arrived and after a McCrappy meal we all set off to Weirwood Reservoir.On arrival it was plain to see that some anglers had chosen to go really light on the tackle and some were up for the challenge.The problem with Weirwood is the access so we had a steep climb up to the top of the dam and then a trudge to our pegs.Clive decided it was all too much and decided that Cheryl who had missed the previous match due to a bad back should push allof both of their tackle to the peg whilst he watched carefully.What a gent....

Keith and Nif Nof were both absent from this match as Nif had taken Keith to Liverpool to show him where he comes from.Whilst there Keith had his wheels nicked off of his car and so was unable to get back in time.This gave us an opportunity to gain as many points as possible and Darkie decided it was too good an opportunity to miss and decided to become the first person in the club to play his “Nif Card” which meant his points would be doubled.

At 9-15 the whistle finally blew to signify the start and off we went.Some chose to fish feeders whilst others the waggler.We had two guests along for the day,Tony Sneyd and his mate Phil Marshall and along with Ben were all pegged at the far end from the dam and they all got off to early leads.For everyone else it was a real struggle.Several of us had chosen t fish standing in the water and the water was freezing.

At the half way Mark most were still struggling but the odd fish were coming out.Eventually for some things picked up and a few more fish started coming out.Keith Fuller who had topped his beautiful Barbour welly at the start started telling jokes to which Balky made up his own.Gary started putting a few roach in the net as did Darkie,both on the waggler.Gary then had a bonus Perch of about two pounds so was quite happy.

At 3-15 the final whistle sounded and four anglers had blanked.At the other end of the scale Ben had won with 10-6 although he was beaten by our guest Phil who had a creditable 21-5 but he didn’t count...He he.Gary was 2nd with 5-3 and Darkie came 4th in his section which gained him 2 points which were doubled to 4...I wonder how many more of us this will happen to?This could make things very interesting.Great idea Nif.

We all then buggered off to the Prince Albert fo a pint of something nice and a Nik Nak.

Tight Lines everyone

Match report by Gary and stand in club mascot Daisy.Woof Woof.

Ribbon Lake - Sun 31st March

18 out for this 2nd round and with the island out of use due to the bridge being under water! strange one that as we have had a dry period of weather , yet water is pouring out of the lake and across the road overflowing into the nearby ditch! something leaking into it somewhere me thinks? maybe the new Betty's lake above and beyond is leaching into ribbon,? who knows? the management team certainly dont let on. So only the outside to use , we just about had enough pegs to fit on albeit we excluded the two bridge pegs as they make a fair test impossible ,as so many fish congregate there. At this point i must mention i used one of Colin Temple's new bite detection gadget's for the match! they are brilliant; a small filament wire connected to the hook via infra red to a small bulb on the bait table! as soon as a fish mouth's the bait it lights up ,and boom there on, Wicked. I know he only has a short supply left so be quick to order one if you have a spare tenner in your pocket. So onto the match; well we were promised a dry day and so it was , however one side of the lake was blustery wind affected, while the other side in comparison calm making things very tricky for a few battling in the ever changing swirling wind. very chilly too ,but the water has warmed a little and the newly introduced carp failed to show, and so a mixed silver match ensued with Chub, Tench,Barbel being the bonus fish on the day , and several of each where caught around the lake.others went all out for a roach /skimmer attack and although they are improving in size and numbers, hard it is, to catch enough without the odd bonus or two. Don listened to his gran-daughter and did as instructed avoiding the Chump tag on the day, well done gran dad...................nobody played there Niff-card on this occasion, so no real jumps in the leader board at this time ,however the Mitchell cup was drawn at brecky at the Pineapple , so all the draw ,and results of the match are on the web site herein...............Poor Cheryl had a bad back, Clive said he had been up all night Tending to her! although it was very windy i couldn't hear him that well it could have bending her i'm not sure! ! .................So all to play for the next round on a natural water venue, namely Weir Wood res, and a jolly little trip across the water by boat, mainly roach and skimmers with odd Bream . Good luck and tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie, WOOF...............................

Spring Lake-Warwick Wold - Sun 10th March

First round proper of this year’s campaign, and 13 turned out after a very wet night with some flooding on the roads and a lot of cold water permeating through the local Surrey chalk hills, giving the water there an ominous chalky /cold look!, After drawing for pegs at Dream lake, we put down our gear partly set up, then went back to the clubhouse for a very nice brecky prepared by the very helpful fishery staff there. So far so good! On our return the constant drone of the motorway traffic was partly obscured by the now gale force wind that blew for the remainder of the match! many gave up on the pole and it almost became a feeder match, apart from some sheltered areas notably the two end pegs who could in the lull of the gale get the odd go on the pole, However three large carp for 17lb on the method gave victory to Kezza in the middle of the lake, followed by the end pegs with 13lb and 12lb. The new points system after section points and placing points are added gives a clear starting lead to the victors, and will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

There is also a new fly in the ointment shortly to be announced by Gary, so I will briefly mention that the brainchild of Niff (our scouse invader); is to run alongside the league system , a one off chance for each angler to play there "JOKER" or NIFF-CARD as it may be called! They declare it prior to the draw on a given match, and there total points for that match are Doubled...So in theory if you played your card, won the match, it could gain you a massive 16 points for the day!!!!!...................If of course you only scored 1 point on the day then 2 points would be your bonus score...So a massive boost in the league, could be on for you if you play your cards right...............GOOD GAME.......etc, etc....It would also run hand in hand with the knock out cups etc.....

So what happened on the day, it blew a gale, was cold, hardly any bites in the middle section of the lake, and those that fed were very tentative indeed! The other lakes on the complex also struggled on the day, for the local anglers so it would seem the weather had its evil way all round, Back to the Prince Albert for after match tiff-in, And the locals thought they had been visited by a group of SAS part timers, because as I was informed the general consensus in the bar who see us occasionally pass through after our fishing had agreed we were SAS on manoeuvres Why I asked? "Cos you all wearing hoodies" they said! Personally I've not seen many SAS in our age group! But you know the village pub gossip!!............... Not to mention most times we have a couple of woman in tow! I suppose they are SOWS? Tut, tut, do you think our elite forces eat crisps/nuts for lunch? Answers to Kipper C/O manoeuvres secretary..............Looking forward to our next match Sumner's Ribbon Lake, which now has been stocked with carp as well. Tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie WOOF.............................P.S. don’t forget if you’re gonna play your one off NIFFY! Do it before the draw!! ................................

Friendly Doubles Match - Sun 24th February

With the start of the new season getting ever closer, the current trend is to hold a pre-season doubles, just to get everyone warmed up and dusted for the season to come , and so we were all booked in on the local Five Oaks fishery .Originally half on each lake , but some all night bivvie boys put an oar in the works , so we were all pegged around the larger bottom lake instead. No problem, after a nice brecky at tiffanies Gary organised a random draw for partners/pegs and away we went.This time last year we were in the grips of the beast from the east Brrrrr! and had suffered cancelled matches and horrid conditions. This Feb, talk about a difference, Hot sun flat still all day, one side of the lake down to the buff whilst the other side still comfy in the shade... Although the conditions made it tricky for roach/skimmers many were caught, and the carp were conspicuous by there absence, there was a slight problem at the weigh in as my partner Gary (son of Don) was to be drug tested ! Usual procedure for athletics you might think?...but in this case he had been slipped some white pills , He claimed were mints! but his competitive neighbor for the match insisted they may be Viagra, But as the test proved negative, it seems it was just wind. the smiling was just cos he was getting bites! ! .So triumphant in the doubles Keith/Gary Big Mac/Graham were hot on there heels. Cheryl quite popular on the day as she had so many partners(technical hitch).Held her own on the day , runner up in the Mitchell cup last season, This year Watch out !. Her minder Clive of India; has his hands full, keeping up! Apparently. ah hum or is that just a rumor......................Tight lines all, looking forward to the first match proper where our glorious leader sets out to protect his league leader status! who would challenge? watch this space for all the Gory details to follow.....Hacker Huggy and Rosie.................WOOF.................. P>S for those unaware the format for the league this year has been changed; No longer do we need to catch species to score, However the section points system will remain which is excellent , as it works so well , so sections of five ,thats two each side of Ya! to beat, Good luck all , fingers crossed this weather continues.................................

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