Match Reports

Match Reports 2021

Woodpeckers lake - 23rd May

17 Anglers

This was a replacement venue as Orchard Park Farm had messed up the booking. Many thanks to Gary who, despite going on holiday on Saturday; called around various fisheries. The weather was mild but showery and a strong gusting wind. Huggy managed a win from peg 12 with a massive 24lb of mainly skimmers with 1 carp. CT was second of the next peg (11) with 3 carp 3 skimmers and 3 perch he weighed in 18lb 9oz. 3rd was Kezza on peg 4 with 18lb 4oz. Highlight of the day was Balky; broke his pole and dropped his glasses in the lake, as well as catching a pair of KC pants. I have never seen a bream wearing glasses so today was a first.


Bernies Lake - 9th May

19 Anglers

Most anglers met at the re-vamped Pineapple cafe for a catch-up and a breakfast bap. The weather was clear and mild with temperatures promised to reach 20*c
Bernies , they say, is a peggy lake and this match proved the point, with the top four weights coming from the top end. Rob Fairbrother won with 45:11 of mainly carp from the far bank on long pole, second ,from the next peg, was Gary with 30:02, again mainly carp from the same tactics. And third was Doug, who alternated between feeder and long pole to get 24:00. The match was soured by the fact there were six anglers who didn't weigh in. At least it was warm. And Niff left a familiar calling card ( Crap, written in pellets and corn on his swim)


Sumners Match Lake - 18th April

23 Anglers

A massive turnout on this match. With the return of Kelly, and a rare show up of Keith Groves. The frost didn't deter anyone. ( turned out to be a glorious sunny day) Paul ( Freeman) dominated the match on the Pellet waggler, despite having a pellet waggler competition with Ben on the next leg, Paul won the match with a staggering 112 lb 1 oz. Kezza, who was on the opposite bank, fished mainly feeder, for a second place with exactly 80lb, and third went to Paul ( Owen) who; on an unfancied peg, caught 74lb 15oz, across to the island on feeder and down the edge on pole. Niff lost a suspected 20 pounder but didn't loose his atrocious language. Huggz tried to hide the fact that he was "Tapping", but he was seen. And everyone had been touched by the sun. A great days fishing and the usual fun banter. Oh, chump this match was Don with 14oz.


Woodpeckers - 4th April

18 Anglers.
A rather chilly start led on to a beautiful warm spring day. With nearly everyone catching. The amount and quality of fish caught was surprising, as the venue is usually overfished with two or three matches every week; seems they've had a year to recover there condition. 
Ben won this match with 23lb 11oz of carp and skimmers; fishing 11 metres with single maggot. Giving him a massive 12 points ( he played his niff card)
Second was Huggy with 21-08 of skimmers on expanders, and third was Gary with 21-04 of skimmers and carp to mainly 4 mm bits of meat. 
All in all a very enjoyable day with loads of good banter AND the return of Ray Hill, he's gonna try and fish all the matches, now that he's sorted out his house on the coast. Roll on the next match: Sumners match lake.



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