Match Reports

Match Reports 2017

Spring Lake - Passies Match Lake Sun 19th November

The last match of the season was met with a very sharp frost! However as always after such a clear night it left us with a lovely bright sunny day. Brecky was arranged at a new spot down near Shoreham, and probably one of the best starts to a match we have ever had, just what you need to sit out in the cold, so after a bit of a patchy affair pegging around already placed pleasure anglers, the draw was completed and as you would expect on a cold drop , the fish seemed to be in patches and would stay there until an hour before the end did they start to spread a little and more action ensued for some, whilst others struggled , and silver fish really dominated affairs with only a hand full of carp showing . also the Mitchell cup final was taking part and although big John won his section which is all you could ask of such conditions, it was a false dawn for him and he joined the also rans after such a good run. One carp and a couple of good skimmers was all he could muster from the end peg, whilst at the other end of the length on the road bank, Mojo Man put together a nice match winning weight of mixed silvers/carp for 20lb to take the last round. Yours truly winning the cup with a mixed net for 17lb and second on the day. Second on weight only though, top points on the day went jointly to our Deb and Gary both on 9 points, well done to you two. Another season is over and Gary has been busy booking next year’s venue's already handing out the list for next season's event's. Some new venue's to be tried and also some old favourites, the venue for the dinner prize-giving night will be announced when the booking has been confirmed. So a happy chrimble to all and a happy new year we will start all over again in 2018 , I for one will be another year older and hopefully a bit wiser...... tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie...................... WOOF.......

Sumners Match Lake Sun 29th October

17 fishing today always a popular match venue, being home to large carp and very high numbers of silver fish variety. So brecky at the pineapple broadbridge heath, and on to the draw at the lake which was carried out using the random draw method which seems to be the most favoured system these days. Our weather forecast was pretty good for today considering the time of year, so dry but a chilly wind moving in during the day, and so it accurately followed leaving some sun for parts of the lake and some left in the shade and chilly indeed, however the water is not yet chilled so the fish fed very well considering. It is amazing just how many quality silvers there is, the problem as always is the balance between catching an amount of species and at some point you have to attempt for carp to boost your weight into a challenging position! Easier said than done and as usual in hindsight, makes you wonder why you didn't do better? A case me thinks for burying your head in the sand and sticking to a game plan. One such to try it on this match was Darky; who just came armed with a feeder rod and so couldn't swap/ change about even if he tried. However he was at the far end of the lake and the big boys only showed in the last hour or so leaving it to late for him to do any serious damage, there you have the problem here, which is also why we tend to be laden down with so much tackle here, not knowing exactly what we are to do? ?........ One person not affected by these problems is our northern invader (Big John) Niff to his friends, WHY? I hear you ask? Well he only carries minimal gear, bait bag, seat, (little chair) and holdall containing a couple of sturdy rods! Enough indeed, as he keeps pointing out to me when unloading the car it seems like a tackle trade show! Well right he, is cos minimalist uncomplicated seems to be the answer when fishing this lake, as he quite promptly demonstrated to all by tipping 70+ lb onto the scales, not only winning the match on the day, knocking Doug out of the Mitchell cup semi final, but also adding a new top record weight for an individual fish (carp) weighing in at a staggering 22lb 13oz! !. A mighty slap on the back to him and good luck in the Mitchell cup final in three weeks time, who would no doubt him carrying that off?....... even if the end of his cup round finished here, his weights have been steadily going up with each round fished , so personal mile stones indeed .. Doug put in a stout effort with five carp and silvers for 50+lbs so did the MOJO man tipping 60+ of mixed fish , only to be beaten by oz's by yours truly with another 60lb odd weight. FEUW ! A close call..........So points of interest; Don turned round on his box for a drink when turning back his pole had done a disappearing trick! AKA a Tommy (cooper)! , and is probably lying on the bottom of the murky depths alongside niffs old rod of seasons past!!! Ben did offer to go in after it for him? In man from Atlantis mode! But as no one could face giving him the kiss of life if needed, we convinced him to stay dry!!. That man Clive did a number using the ol magic paste with a nice net of fish, he is actually offering lessons using the stuff? Applications to nursy. Talking of said Nurse, we have a new word for our dictionary; Leviathan; meaning as large as big John's carp; Nurse's Butt. How rude? C TEA caught a fish with no face !, you would have thought it more apt to have had two faces, but, there you are, thats just him...............AHEM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.tight lines to all looking forward to our final match including the MITCHELL CUP FINAL at Passies match lake, all will be rooting for John including myself! I won’t be lying down for this match though, so he will earn his stripes.....👍👍 Hacker Huggy and Rosie........WOOF>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Pairtreee Lake-Hartleylands Sun 8th October

Lots of individuals away , and were going to miss this match unfortunately, however the show must go on as they say and so 8 anglers only scheduled to attend, later turning into 7 as another casualty took their toll. So brecky in Mc D's west green and in convoy down to darkest Kent for a very picturesque venue set in a rather large orchard. Multiple lakes on site all forming a large fishery and we were allocated the thirty peg pear-tree lake and duly set out to peg just seven of them! Lovely, it’s nice to have so much space, as it turned out too much for some because come carp'oclock there were so many fish milling around the margins turning the water a muddy blur causing so many hooking issues! A problem you would think NOT! >>>> . Anyhoo draw done each having their own central island to fish to as well as the open water to boot, we enjoyed some glorious autumnal weather trying to solve the little quirks that present themselves at each new venue we attempt to solve/crack. Our Deb set about putting a descent amount of carp in the net, although struggling to find species! 40+ lb later she manages these kinda weights standing on her head these days way back those weights were not so easy but routine now nice to see such improvement all around. Beating the old man up as usual en route, and the old C TEA managed to reduce the length of his pole (AGAIN)>.......don’t fret I just used the magic dust on it and it looks like new. Gary got his MOJO back for a period of the match finding a good few on the pellet wagg; however that infernal stirring up of the edge dwellers tempted him away from what could have been a match winner, still nice 60+ for him. Clive although putting the best silver weight on the scales virtue of some nice skimmers, was knocked out of the first semi final of the Mitch cup so yours truly goes forward to the final with a near 80lb. to face either Doug/ Big John, there semi must be fished at the next round leaving the final match at Passies for the final Mitchell cup round. So on a personal note I thought there were lots of quite sick looking fish about, and although there were net dipping tanks on site to prevent disease, they were empty! The strain of carp is like wild old style fish and looked a bit undernourished and some mouths badly mistreated! Not nice. The venue however is under new management so may improve? Looking forward to our next outing Sumner's match lake, if mild these autumn matches can see the fish putting on winter weight and sport accordingly exempt, fingers X.....Tight lines Hacker Huggy............................. and Rosie WOOF...............

Sumners Ribbon Lake Sum 17th September

Only ten anglers turned up to this prelude to a winter league (It was bloody freezing). After breakfast baps at the exotic Pineapple Café it was on to Sumners and Ribbon Lake.

Huggy did the pegging, after a discussion with all present, it was decided to leave out the bridge swims to make it fairer a match??? The draw was quick (as there was only a few of us) and at 9:00am the whistle blew. Ben dominated proceedings from the off, catching down the edge. Everyone else started at a more leisurely pace. The weather didn’t brighten up until around 2ish so it was a very cold match organiser (CT) who blew the final whistle. Ben caught all day, mainly Barbel with a few skimmers and roach to give him species points and a well deserved win, Kezza came second, again with mainly Barbel from a little hideaway peg on the island. Huggy was a disgruntled third with a good mixture of species due to some impromptu paste making/fishing.

All in all a good match.

PS. Come back Gazza, I don’t like being in charge, people shout at me :-(

(League table and full match results will be updated when Gaz gets back from swanning around Wales - Alan)

Spring Lake-Bernies Lake Sun 3rd September

Twelve to brecky at the pineapple (AKA) Tiffanies, b/heath, and nice and dry! The forecast wasn't so good though with rain on the way. Unperturbed off we go in convoy, full of brecky baguettes down the A24 to Ashington. Having pegged the far side plus four pegs from the far end of the near bank we undertook the random draw method to allocate our homes for the next five hours. The pegging was to ensure all had some feature and yet clear enough to land the larger specimens that dwell in this quite shallow pond making it quite challenging when they are hooked and tear off. The early pegs saw most of the action though as usual these carp tend to gather where the anglers are not, and so they were hanging on to the end of the unpegged section! Most managed a few mixed bags , Ben regaled in all new livery box/pole/trolley, ETC, Map man as he is now known , tipping 50lb onto the scales , was particularly impressive, also Doug doing the biz and removing kessa from the last four spots in the Mitchell cup. So points of interest we were talking in the pub about young (son of don) expecting their second child in the new year, when Don said “when Gary (son of don) was born, he was sent straight to the hospital for the snip! Bit harsh young Gary is not that bad looking. Mind you apparently instead of smacking his arse at birth, the nurse punched him in the face! Harsh indeed....... Our Deb smashed the end of her pole, or rather a large angry carp did, and nursey had a rather attractive koi carp in her bag scoring her a bonus species point. We understand C tea is hoarding the old (shortly to go out of service), pound coins! . The plan is to pay his match wagers out in the old currency in a cunning plan of retribution for thrashing his arse! As mentioned the last four places have now been taken in the Mitchell cup and so Niff will be taking on Doug, and Clive is against yours truly, our clash is already scheduled for the round at hartleyland farm coming up. But before that the next round is to be at Sumner's Ribbon Lake, and it has been deemed that the bridge area will be left out for this match ensuring the eventual winner will have to do it without the help of the resident bridge-dwelling Barbel therein! So tight lines see you all then Hacker Huggy and Rosie, woof.......................

Spring Lake-Framfield Sun 13th August

All down to Framfield for this prolific lake known for the very large weights that it throws up! alas we met the venue in a very moody state, humid stormy like conditions made the fishing very difficult, that said plenty of bites were had by all, but not mega weights as expected, we were invaded by swarms of flying ants , erupting out of the woodwork from under our platforms and making one feel quite itchy!. At one stage of the match I had seven carp come adrift before I got one to stay on, such were there cagey mouthing of the bait, also if you don’t feed correctly you end up getting lots of line bites and foul hookers, which we all seemed to suffer ! Unusually these problems occur due to too many fish in your peg! , so not to grumble, just need to practice these techniques more often. Some coped with the conditions better than others, Big John being a case in point throwing fifty odd pounds on the scales, as well as throwing C T out of the Mitchell cup in the process! Well done to him, getting down to the last few in this cup now, so all to play for. It was like being at Wimbledon at times, you know when the women grunt after each shot played? our woman in question being nursey! It went a bit like this No NO Don’t do that, AGH, Scream, followed by a bit of heavy breathing and puffing! , I could only hear this coming from the other side of the lake behind the bushes? At first I thought Clive had been putting Viagra in his ground-bait again, but it turned out, nursey was thinking out loud having a work out with some rather troublesome fish! she had a plan to attack with a certain method and it payed off, so also well done to her. Kipper came. I nearly did. I had my old buddy C T Tent-pole next door for this match and it’s just as well , for he administered some very intense anger management techniques on me, during my spell of missed bites , thanks buddy, I don’t swear anymore!............... So what points of interest were there; We found a lovely little pub in the local village of Framfield even looking like a bunch of travelling vagrants covered in much poo, they obviously used to visiting anglers. We were expecting problems locating other fish species, but plenty of sprats were about, especially the Perch man, who caught a few good ens, much grumbling about the provided keep nets, (probably cost Deb a few points through holy nets,) and much fumbling by most to get them set up with very stiff or broken attachments, the good side being no smelly nets in the car home-bound. So all in all, one of the most prolific venues in the land and we were non pleased , give us a good silvers fish match water any day , carping is fine but this venue is a bit like hard work............. So tight lines to all see you at Bernie's lake for the next round Hacker Huggy and Rosie..................... WOOF............

Passies Match Lake Sun 6th Aug

Only six couples out for this year’s annual debacle , twelve pegs though, is a very nice amount for this up and coming prolific fishery, as the weights show!, it’s like a mini framfield!. And what a glorious day weather wise, on with the factor nine down with the breakfast baguette, and let battle commence. although every pair fancied drawing on the far end bank(as it had form from previous matches) only two pairs were to get there, but right from the off the fish were showing right round the fishery and it was impossible to tell who was making the showing as all were in action. The pheromone effect had taken Ben's Mrs ahead of her spouse! (As usual), and Lisa famed mum of; Rosie; was in for the first time with a rod in her hand performing like a pro... Ahem perhaps I should rephrase that? NA leave it, its how it was. Like a couple of the fish wives though, they were not touching those slimy critters, but catching em was easy! Help never far away in the form of us smelly anglers trying to keep up unhooking duties! They battled away to return some very impressive weights, full details on the match page. So what points of interest were there? We don’t appoint a Chump usually on the Mr and Mrs because it’s just a fun day out, and this match was no exception , however Cheryl deserves a mention as she herself pointed out that this her third year holding up the bottom spot! That’s not a spot on the bot... Oh well you know what I mean. So she is the first lady chumpess by virtue of three in a row! Now all this means that she gets to were the badge! No trophy sorry, Clive did put a very good weight in the onion sack though to prop their cause. Kezza drew the same peg he has had for the fourth time! WOW you would think that's low odd's, mind you I've seen it done before, anyhoo he used the old “let’s use one net and share ploy" so we don’t know who made the lion's share of their catch! All I know is it took two to pull the net from the water! so a very enjoyable day was had by all well done to Gaz for another memorial day's fun . P.S... I broke one of my unbreakable floats during the match so to my word I will be giving myself a free replacement! Tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie............................................. Woof

Ribbon Lake Sun 23rd July

Only thirteen competitors out for this match today, with rain forecast , or the indifferent way this fishery can behave; or indeed holidays still, after all it is still summer, anyhow our beloved leader couldn't compete as he had a previous appointment with his behavioural consultant! . So he turned up to organise the draw and slipped away for his appointment returning later to weigh in and adjudicate proceedings, The difference was staggering on his return you could see the results immediately, personally I was having a (getting roached out) tantrum, while others around the lake were each having their own dilemma, and the new behaviour wot he got up to helped all no end!.....So what of the match? Well the draw was a tense affair with everything being crossed for either of the bridge pegs , having been the form pegs for some time now, personally I don’t think these pegs are the sole attraction for the resident barbel that seem to permanently reside here, as several are caught around the top end of the lake in various pegs! its rather that the resident campers who choose to fish this lake all tend to sit on these areas as they are advised of their guaranteed success, hence the fish are getting regular food and therefore wont stray far away, bit of a catch 22! If you will excuse the pun... Anyway it’s there they live, and the opposite end of the lake suffered accordingly with a splattering of skimmers , roach , and the odd tench, actually three tench were caught, all by Clive, on his secret bait which I am sworn to secrecy not to reveal(PASTE) , so I won’t mention it. the bridge pegs and top end in general ruled the bulk of weights on the day and a very close outcome for top spots was the final outcome, however the new points system is holding out well according good points for catching more than your neighbour so although the battles were less strain on the scales, they were none the less as close to call. A couple of results occurred in the Mitchell cup and as always full results for both are on this site. So points of interest, it rained we got wet, and then dried off in the pub. Clive will be looking for a new pole section, after his sank into the murky depths! Kipper got bashed up by a girl on the next peg, oops did I say that out loud? Sorry slip of the tongue er! (Finger)....I may have to go with Gaz to the next training session!. For my behaviour training. Anyway it was quite apparent that the schools have started their holiday as the place was heaving, and for a while Doug had quite a crowd of onlookers, albeit well behaved as they were, it doesn't seem to disturb the bridge at all, although they did erect a makeshift barrier in the form of trolley/bags to keep the inquisitive rabbles from crossing which did help somewhat. So will we be rushing back? Does it start to make a barbel advantage a bridge too far, are the hoards of campers distracting? So many questions normally means the venue is wearing a bit thin for some, and yet praise a plenty for denne farm, being so quiet and peaceful by comparison. One thing is for sure the fishery seems to have priced the anglers away from the restaurant side of the complex! Now asking £9 for brecky. Needless to say we dined at tiffanies broad bridge Heath! You get free pineapple!!.............wishing you all tight lines for the next outing; Framfield (spring lake). DA DA dah, yes you heard it right Spring lake this time and I hereby forecast the old club max weight record will be smashed here, currently 150 lb held by Macka from Sumner's match lake, he will probably be the one to beat his own record! ! Many pegs are capable on this track!! Watch this space tight lines Hacker Huggy and ROSIE..................

Brookhouse Lake-Framfield Sun 2nd July

Traditionally this match down in the heart of cherry for sale territory all along the A22, and a favourite of ol niff, I might add! Was met with disappointment as they seem to have sold em all? Oh well cherries apart, the match was drawn after a hearty Mc D's, plenty of space was allocated to us, having the whole lake to use, and off we trundled , as is usual at this time of year the fish were all sunbathing moving around in groups of two or more , the aftermath of spawning me thinks! As surface fishing is barred on the fishery and floating baits are banned due to the welfare of the wildfowl, it makes for plan B for most! I was on plan F when I finally found a method that would work, namely paste and pellet fishing, hitting one in eight bites makes for a very frustrating period, where the fish are defiantly winning the battle. Also a match of two halves in that some were in the shade whilst the opposite side were in full sunshine and cooking. Most enjoyed a spell of trying to sort out the difficult situation at hand when suddenly! Carp O Clock came around and the hungry edge dwellers started to appear and all was fine for those enjoying an easier period briefly before the match finished with most of the fish now in hungry mode and ready for a nosh! We really should fish this match later in the day! Say draw midday fish 2-7, it would be a very different outcome. Not sure if the owner is up for that but I’m sure they currently have some late evening matches.....Anyhoo what points of interest were there?, Mr dark-sister was top in the species stakes with four samples however Doug took that section so it meant four tied on points for the day with eight points, closely followed with several close on their heels, full results available on this site along with the latest situation in the Mitchell cup. Several people were away on Hols and the points at the top of the leader board after two rounds are removed is all starting to change/shuffle around quite interestingly. My mate Keith gave his car a little run out, and joined us, only got lost twice and rowing with the sat nav, arrived complete with new hat (engraved with his name) in case he forgets!. Big Mack sorted out a few and led the charge on one side of the lake shaking off his recent case of fishing pox. However it has left some deep scars! So looking forward to our next foray which will be Sumner’s (ribbon lake), where all will be hoping for a draw on the bridge! And all will be watching that peg weigh in so don’tF I U !!!........................... Tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie WOOF............

Denne Farm Sun 11th June

Sunday 11th June saw our little roadshow off to Denne Farm near Warnham.First we met at the Pineapple caf at Broadbridge Heath for something greasy and then onto the fishery.

Denne Farm is gradually becoming one of our favourite venues and we were all quietly optimistic of a good days fishing.

At 9-15 I blew the whistle to get the match underway. Straight away I saw elastics out and tips going round from all banks on the lake.The weather was even nice although a bit windy at times.

Well to cut a long story short it turned into a day we've been waiting for for a while.The fishery has a rule of no Sturgeon in the nets so we agreed at the start that these would count as 5 pound each and be returned straight away.Several were caught on the day.

At 3-15 I blew the whistle to end the match and it was clear the weigh in might take a little longer than usual.Good job we had a new weigh net.14 of us started the match but Balky having worked all night and having problems with his tackle decided to bail out early and get some well earned kip meaning that Deb secured the final place in the first round of the Mitchell Cup.

Amazingly for the first time in the clubs history we had two weights over the magical 100 pound mark thanks to a great battle between Key Fuggins and Kezza Mockeeridge.Key winning on the day with 133-2 to Kezzas 130-8.Well done both off you.Great fishing.

Incredibly the top 9 anglers weighed in over 50 pound each.The lowest weight on the day went to Kipper who had 22 pound.At the end of the weigh in I was exhausted.Not surprising really considering I had just weighed in 13 anglers for 948-8 of fish.Top fishing everyone.Well done.

Keith took the league top spot away from me with an amazing 12 points after persevering longer on the species than myself.Big mistake Mitch!!The battle really heats up now.

Full results etc.can be found on the appropriate page.

Most if us then moved onto the village of Warnham for a well earned pint of something cold.The next round of the Mitchell Cup was drawn and we all talked about Kipper until we fell asleep.

Great day everyone and well done.

Match report by spare hacker Mitch and stand in mascot Daisy.

PS...I was only joking Kipper.

Woodpeckers Sun 21st May

This time back to peckers the weather was looking promising 18 fishing so not to bad for space pegging, brecky at Mc donalds and away we went so far so good! The skimmers fed for an hour then closed up shop, the roach were spawning so failed to show in any numbers, however the carp had a go so those lucky enough to cash in quickly enough on the situation did best. Mojo man led the field in that respect winning maximum section points and five species points for well earned points win on the day taking him clear in the league to date. Meanwhile Doug had top weight courtesy of several carp on the feeder to take top weight on the day, miss long stockings had: an incident: whatever that was! It involved the direction magnetic south rotates its merry path down the plughole! Confused? So was she, answers on a postcard! All I can say is she was referred to a simple machine for turning egg Mc muffin into Mr Whippy! There I’ve said it!!!!!. All in all it stayed dry for the long walk back and a welcome pint in Copthorne after. Looking forward to our next outing being Denne farm, tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie x.

Sumners Match Lake - Sun 30th April

Another year has passed since this annual competition, and this year we had 21 competing, always a popular match, this venue has the potential to throw up some huge weights, if you get everything spot on. and that includes there not having been a match on the venue the day prior to our visit, never know that at the time, but the fish in here are on the big side so weights can require more than one net!...........

Brecky at tiffany’s b/heath, always a favourite this one, and onto the venue with a promise of mainly dry weather and quite breezy, although rain was forecast to spoil the end period of the day, and so it turned out with a shower to pack up and load the cars with! !.................So what of the fishing, on the whole it fished quite well compared with past seasons, apart from a few areas that seemed devoid of fish, the good pegs seem to always produce and both carp and silvers were in biting mode. Miss long stockings remembered how to catch a few large ones, which was all she could remember having been out the night previous, and was struck down with amnesia, hangover, and soldiered on to net three whoppers! That scouse git also hit the onion sack with three whoppers and a new P.B of 54lb, well done John. C TEA had a bite, it snapped his pole, and made off with the top section up the lake, Darky came to the rescue with an excellent cast that hooked said top kit and retrieved all but alas no carp attached. Talking of Darky his apprentice Kezza had an exceptional day on the method feeder for a brilliant 127lb and top weight for the day, well done and was seen being welcomed to the ton up club by Don. Obviously had a good teacher in Darky if only he could remember how to do it himself, being plagued by roach on the day! The league leader took a bit of a nose dive on the day, being drawn in one of those barren areas and so the fight at the top of the league is now opening up and many scalps went under the knife in the Mitchell cup, details of which, along with all the weights are seen on the pages of this site as per. We didn't see rog's Mrs this year as she was away and couldn't come round and visit, as she usually does , but if you are reading this report all send their regards, and enjoyed a lovely day out. Looking forward to the next match at woodpeckers, tight lines Hacker and Rosie..........

Monks Lake 1 - Pro-Am - Sun 16th April

Back to sunny Kent for this year’s competition of the Pro-am. Where the angler with the gear kits out the angler with no gear or idea of what he/she is supposed to be doing? In some cases both are going blind at it regardless! still makes it good fun for most, and now in many cases the amateurs having enjoyed several outings to this popular match, and have earned the tee shirt, however way you view it , a most pleasurable day out for all and well done to Gary again for excellent organisation. In my book young Mrs Tent-pole (Deb) and her long time partner Chris AKA Elvis er (Costello) that is! did the best of the pairings this time out, She makes a very good coach (pro) as she takes time out of her own input just to guide her partner through some teaching skills, well done to her, he even looks like improving with age!!. It was a mixed bag weather wise with a chilling wind blowing across the fishery, which is set high on an exposed area lashed by the breeze for some, whilst others sheltered from the cold enjoyed tee shirt weather! Still it stayed dry and some good weights were put on the scales and a very close result could have resulted in the end. However it’s not about the winning in this match it’s just good fun. The full results however are on the page relating on this site. Points of interest; the brecky van was yummy, the pub stop after the match was well appreciated, Nursey is due thanks for her rescue of my landing net, having suffered a severe rupture and it received surgery (suters) stitching! So well done to all those pairings and well done to Mojoman for another nice day out Tight lines Hacker Huggy and Rosie, Woof .................

Bough Beech Reservoir - Sun 9th April

What lovely forecast weather wise we had 24' and sunny, however the reservoir was topped right up to the top and therefore no room to fish on the usual dam wall as it was full of water! So we were allocated another area that we approached with trepidation, and there you have the fishing report! As there is nothing more to add when all competitors fail to catch!, However points of interest;... Those that decided not to fish were pretty astute, Balky broke his feeder arm, Deb and Mojo man got wet feet, and finally Pecker got his maggot sucked!!!!!.........

The draw for the Mitchell cup was completed and the first round draws are listed on the relevant page of the site, also this coming Sunday is the pro-am , so down to deepest Kent for Monk lakes no 1 to let battle commence ,hopefully the amateurs will show us all how it’s done! Tight lines let’s hope we use some bait this time round!!!!!!.............................. Hacker Huggy and Rosey.

Warwick Wold (spring lake) - Sun 19th March

A quick shuffle round of venue was called for at short notice! , So we decided to try another new venue, Warwick wold (spring lake), after meeting at the town centre, we set off in convoy and duly got lost! Ahem!! . After swiftly getting un lost, we arrived for a walk around followed by a lovely brekie. A bit of a late start was needed after getting our selves sorted out. however although the day stayed dry it blew a hooligan for some and others were sheltered, the fishery is situated alongside the M25 motorway and the drone of the passing traffic soon became lost to the noisy wind!..... So officially it was still winter, with spring just around the corner. The fish were still quite cagey and those who fed cautiously were very wise indeed, as the weights were low but pretty consistent all around the venue. Although Mojo man was top score on the day virtue of four species and a top section weight, that man from Maver showed everyone a clean pair of heels with top weight of the day, and still found time to nip off to the cafe for cups of tea for the new Mrs Maver........He even pulled the lucky peg for her out of the bag to finish the day with top browning points! I thought he was Maver?.......... Get it? Oh well please yourself...... So points of interest Gary has flown into the lead after two rounds, and the Mitchell cup draw will be taking place shortly , all go through I believe, due to numbers and Pythagoras theory , it’s all done by mirrors!>>>> unfortunately our Mr Balky had to leave us due to work commitment because of the late finish , however it was nice to see him back in the fold and on the mend at last , even though he is now known as magneto?... but don't tell him! .in future matches he will be leading the pace, as he has a new pacemaker!.. Get it? Oh I give up. We also had a birthday to celebrate but the years clocked up were kept a secret? Answers on a postcard..... Clive showed her indoors the way to do it, however miss long-stocking held her own to beat all the males around her!.... Booo! So the next round is also new for the club Bewl bridge reservoir near Heaver castle, Eden Bridge. Tight lines.....Hacker Huggy and Rosie.......

Monks Lake 3 - Sun 5th March

March is here and the first awaited match of the season down in deepest Kent, Monk lakes (lake three), in fact, and a first time for many as we have only fished lake one in the past. The information I gathered was that it is very peggy and the corner pegs have always dominated here in the past especially during the colder months. Our match was no exception to this fact, and those drawn on corners were testament to that fact, enjoying a few bites in the blustery wet conditions, whilst those in the middle pegs struggled in the main, Clive who was let loose on the day stood out with a few fish from the middle, as did the birthday girl (longstockings), both catching in an area where most struggled.

Top weight on the day went to our resident tree dweller, whoops! I meant tree surgeon, sorry Ben, with a nice contribution of chunky carp, leaving Kezza in his wake to take runner up spot on weight for the day. Overall top on points on the day was our own leader (I got my MOJO back) Mr Mitchell with a very creditable 9 points leaving a few bridesmaids on second spot with 7 points. So a healthy lead to start the new term, and some ensuring there places in the Mitch cup, as it will be the top weights after two rounds that go forward into the draw stage as usual. As mentioned earlier the weather was not very kind to us on the day, with rain and strong blustery wind, especially for those with the wind into them, such was the fate of our newlywed bride, who had a couple of important sprats behaving like kites in the gusty wind. Unlike the newlywed male of said pair! (AKA Maverman) He took several pounds in wagers and like his Tottenham stable mates scored a hat-trick, albeit from a corner peg!........... So any points of interest>>> Nah not really other than we would have benefitted from being given more space on the day as we were only given half of our lake and the remaining half was left empty for the  duration of the day, most commercial fisheries are getting a bit mean in this fashion these days , so not really surprising, also our turnout of only twelve is probably due to the long travelling time to this fishery, as it warms up the numbers will also increase , as will the pressure for Points!  Full results as usual on the relevant page of this site, so until our next outing Beaver Farm (Maize Lake) in just two weeks time, tight lines Hacker + Rosie (official mascot).


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